Please use the attached form:
a.  RFP 2016-004 Floor Installation-modified 1.24.17 Repost     A-1 Layout1 RFP 2016-004

b.  RFQ 2016-001: contract marketing consultant for “The Way We Worked” Smithsonian exhibit

c.  RFP No. 2016-003 SC Doe Summer Food Service Program Unitized Meals
     Awarded to MG Foods

d. RFP BODY 2014-005 Electrical
     Awarded to Sturgis Electrical

e.  RFQ2015-008 Rehabilitation of City Hall Part 1
     RFQ2015-008 Rehabilitation of City Hall Part 2
     Awarded to Meadors Inc.

f.  RFQ 2015-010 Master Wayfinding Sign Program
     Awarded to Dennis Corporation

g. RFP 2015-007 Pool Facility Waterproofing
     RFP Cancelled