Please use the attached form:
a.  RFP 2016-004 Floor Installation-modified 1.24.17 Repost                                           A-1 Layout1 RFP 2016-004

b.  RFQ 2016-001: contract marketing consultant for “The Way We Worked” Smithsonian exhibit

c.  RFP No. 2016-003 SC Doe Summer Food Service Program Unitized Meals
     Awarded to MG Foods

d. RFP BODY 2014-005 Electrical
     Awarded to Sturgis Electrical

e.  RFQ2015-008 Rehabilitation of City Hall Part 1
     RFQ2015-008 Rehabilitation of City Hall Part 2
     Awarded to Meadors Inc.

f.  RFQ 2015-010 Master Wayfinding Sign Program
     Awarded to Dennis Corporation

g. RFP 2015-007 Pool Facility Waterproofing
     RFP Cancelled

h. RFP No. 2017-001 SC DOE SUMMER FOOD SERVICE PROGRAM UNITIZED MEALS      2017 Standard Invitation For Bid
The City of Chester, South Carolina is soliciting proposals from interested independent contractor to furnish unitized meals to be served to children participating in the DOE Summer Food Service  Program, SFSP, lunch and breakfast.  Sample lunch/breakfast due at bid opening. SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at City Hall, 100 West End Street, Chester, SC until 1:00PM, May  22, 2017.  Sample of lunch and/or breakfast required at  opening. SUBMIT an original and one (1) copy of the complete proposal.  A company representative authorized to commit the  Offer or submitting the proposal shall sign the Coversheet and  provide the information requested on Page TWO of the Coversheet.  The proposal will be considered invalid if no signature  is provided on the Coversheet.All proposals must be in a sealed envelope marked 2017 SFSP Lunch/Breakfast, RFP No. 2017-001. Contact Peggy Johnson for more information:

i. RFP 2017-003 Industrial Kitchen Equipment
Bid Opening: May 10, 2017
Bid Closing: June 12, 2017,  1:00pm
Bid Award: June 12, 2017
Copies to be submitted in bid: 6